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Introducing Our Face Of Yours Winners 2019


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FOYS shoot - Thursday 29th August 201912968.jpg

Face of Yours. The campaign that is set to embrace, inspire and empower plus size women everywhere.

In June we launched the competition to both you, our customers, and to our store colleagues too. The reaction was incredible and we had over 1,500 entries from women all over the country.

The women you see below are our 14 winners. These are the women that have been picked by you and by us to represent you as customers and us as a brand.

Bravely stepping into the studio and in front of the camera, some for the first time ever, our girls took part in the first Face of Yours shoot of 2019.

You might have seen some behind the scenes on our social platforms; but since you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them, we would like to introduce you to each one individually!


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201994944 1.jpg

“Plus size actor, blogger and writer passionate about representing black women.”

Michelle is an actor/singer who is currently starring in Matilda! She is an avid blogger too, writing about her life, adventures and passions – with a focus on fashion, diversity and self acceptance.


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995253.jpg

“Ms International Curve 2018. Promoting body positivity and fitness at ANY size.”

Kerrie is a model from London, who has most recently won the title of Ms International Curve 2018.


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995265

“It’s your plus size queen here, celebrating all things curvy and diverse. Let’s BE the change?!”

Meet Kemi. The founder of a body positive movement, a model, a body positivity coach AND a dancer from London. This girl does it all. She believes that; “As long as you’re trying, then you’re always winning!”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995339.jpg

“Friends would say in a nutshell I’m a bubbly, sassy, full of life kinda girl who’s always smiling”

Andrea is a creative designer from Birmingham who has two little girls. She believes regardless of what size or shape you are, the most beautiful face in the world is a happy one.


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201994974 1.jpg

“A fun loving, outgoing 46 year old with a zest for life. Working for Yours has given me the courage and confidence to embrace my curves and feel body beautiful. Big is beautiful. Get out there and live life to the max.”

Julie is not only a customer, but also one of our lovely colleagues from the Lisburn store!


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995309 1.jpg

“I am a working mum to two boys. I love fashion, beauty and food.”

Bally works in construction, loves make up, fashion and food (especially desserts!). The motto she stands by is “Always be yourself because being yourself is most beautiful.”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201994988 1.jpg

“50 this year, obsessed with family and clothing and love socialising.”

Cheryl from Barnsley loves spending her time in the hot tub with a glass of wine – us too!


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995382.jpg

“A curvy, sassy, body positive 26 year old mother to two mini humans.”

Jenna, a body positive mum of two embraces her unique style – which we LOVE.


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995014 1

“I’m 27 and a mam of two. I smile and laugh lots and raise awareness for Lipoedema.”

Zoe from Billingham believes that no matter what size you are, you can always be fashionable; and also lives by the quote “Time is precious, so waste it wisely.”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995423.jpg

“I’ve always been considered happy go lucky and would make friends wherever I went. I am 5’9″ and plus size, but that has never stopped me from having fun and taking opportunities; learning to love own my shape without fear of judgement.”

Another fabulous store colleague, Justine is from our Chelmsford store. She lives by the quote “Just wing it and give it a go!”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995196 1.jpg

“52 and full of fun with a ‘you can do anything’ approach to life.”

Tracey from Aylesbury works as a nurse within the NHS. Tracey’s motto is that “Beauty doesn’t always have to be on the outside, it comes from within.”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995044 1.jpg

“I’m a curvy Arabian queen who is a body positive advocate and self love promoter. #WeAllSlay.”

Maria is a model from Southampton and a body positivity influencer and activist. Maria’s advice to to you is “You’ve got to learn to be uncomfortable to be comfortable – start your journey honey.”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995401.jpg

“I am very passionate when it comes to empowering women. Being a plus size girl myself, I like to show other women my size that it is okay to be curvy and still wear trendy clothes – just be confident.”

Natalie from our Wakefield store has a little girl and the quote she always uses is “Be fabulous!”


FOY Winners Shoot, Thursday 29th August 201995237.jpg

“I am a 30 year old plus size woman, constantly striving to look and feel my best.”

Sam from Wales has two little cats and is a regular blogger, blogging to raise awareness about her battle with Mitochondrial disease.


We hope you love our girls as much as we do, keep your eyes peeled and spot them across the site. Shop the collection, or find them modelling the latest styles in both coming soon and new in!

Follow everything Face of Yours on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FaceofYours

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